Saratogabets is the best account wagering platform available today. It was designed to help every player become more successful regardless of skill level. From novice to professional, Saratogabets will help raise your game to the next level. Our entire off track betting system is designed by players for players. You won’t find a better more robust wagering system anywhere. Saratogabets puts the power in your hands.

YES, Saratoga is US Owned, Operated, Licensed and Regulated. Our primary license is from the Oregon Racing Commission as an affiliate of AmWager.com and we hold separate licenses where required. All wagers placed through Saratogabets are commingled into pari-mutuel pools. See our licensing and regulatory page for more information.

Yes, you can join Saratogabets for free with only an email and password. Once you are ready to wager you will need to provide your identity and fund your account.

Saratogabets is easy to join, easy to use, powerful, ultra fast and offers a player centered approach to all features and functions. In short we put our players as our number one concern in everything we do and we believe it shows.

  • Easy, fast sign up. Try us now with just your email address.
  • Rewards on most wagers for ALL players, not just the professionals.
  • Advanced wagering structuring tools. Dutching, ABC method, Rank betting.
  • Visual tools such as sparkline odds trends, odds progression table and full odds chart for all runners.
  • Real-Time data updates. Up to 60 times faster than other ADWs.
  • Fully redundant systems – Always onilne, always accessible!
  • US-based, operated, owned, licensed & regulated.

Yes, Saratogabets holds all customer funds in seperate FDIC-insured custodial accounts monitored by the Oregon Racing Commission. Any funds deposited or won are held there and are only removed by player authorized transactions (Wagering, Withdrawal, Product purchase). All transactions to and from Saratogabets and even between Saratogabets’ own servers are encrypted with the latest available methods. Saratogabets also employs multiple levels of firewalls, gateways and intrusion prevention systems to ensure both us and you are protected at all times.

Am I eligible to join Saratogabets?
Anyone from anywhere can join Saratogabets, however to fund and wager there are some restrictions.

  • User must be over 21 to wager.
  • User must pass an identity check to wager.
  • Wagering is not available in all jurisdictions. Please refer to the restrictions section of our policies and disclaimers page.

Saratogabets pays full track prices on all wagers as soon as the track makes the race(s) final. Every wager through Saratogabets is commingled into Pari-Mutuel pools. There is never a limit to your winnings per wager.

Saratogabets currently offers wagering on over 490 tracks including Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Greyhound racing. We believe to grow the market players must have as much access to content as possible through their preferred partner. We are always willing to work and negotiate with tracks to offer their content if we do not currently have it.