SaratogaBets FREE GD/CC/DC/Pinpocket Deposits — Rules and Regulations

Any person with an active SaratogaBets online wagering account is eligible to receive rebated
GreenDot/Pinpocket / Credit/Debit Card deposit fees for deposits of at least $250.
The rebate will be deposited into their account by noon EST the next day after the account holder
has wagered.
Participating players are eligible for the rebated price of only GreenDot/Pinpocket / cc /dc
deposits of $250 or more. Additional fees for alternative methods of deposits, or
GreenDot/Pinpocket / cc / dc deposits less than $250 will not be rebated.
Customers who accept the rebate may not withdraw the funds from their account. It must be
Wagering must be conducted through SaratogaBets’ internet account wagering system on
the day of the deposit to be eligible for the rebate.
All individuals legally allowed to wager will be eligible to participate in this program.
Corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, syndicates, trusts and other legal entities are not
eligible to participate.
Eligibility is limited to one person per SaratogaBets wagering account.
Rebated money is non-transferable and has no cash value.
There are no implied benefits other than those published or posted.
If at any time SaratogaBets’ management becomes aware that a SaratogaBets account holder is
attempting to use deception, partnering, or any other impermissible method, the matter shall be
investigated by SaratogaBets.
SaratogaBets reserves the right to exclude anyone from receiving the rebate for cause.
All decisions of SaratogaBets are final.
SaratogaBets account holders are subject to all applicable state and federal tax requirements.
SCR reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.